The Customer Behaviour Analytics Conference, London

Beyond The Numbers!  Turning Analytics Into Usable, Actionable Insight To Impact The Business & Make A Real Difference To The Customer. Next-Generation Technologies, Tools & Techniques To Drive The Single Customer View, Cross-Device Tracking, Cutting-Edge Digital Analytics & Data Optimisation For Real Commercial Value


Customer Behaviours ✓ Single Customer View ✓ Cross-Device Tracking ✓ Digital Analytics ✓ Internal Buy-In ✓ Predictive Analytics ✓ Big Data ✓ Trends & Technologies & More!

  1. Harness Powerful Customer Behaviours, Trends & Insights: Collect and understand customer behaviours for real business value in today’s multi-channel, digital-driven world
  2. Integrate Data, Insight & Behaviour Analytics For That Single Customer View: Boost relevancy, conversions and impact with an accurate portrait from multiple data sources, both online and offline
  3. Enhance Performance With Cutting- Edge Digital Analytics: Increase marketing effectiveness with the latest analytic metrics, benchmarks and techniques for every channel and touchpoint
  4. What’s The Next-Generation Of Analytics? Harness blue-sky thinking and position your brand at the leading edge of innovation
  5. You’ve Got The Golden Nugget…But How Do You Sell It? Win business buy-in, sway stakeholders and drive real business change and influence
  6. Accurate Cross-Device Behavioural Tracking & Sales Attribution: Extract maximum insight and analytics value from customer journeys on multiple devices and platforms
  7. Advanced Predictive Analytics & Data Science Excellence: Mature simple reporting to real predictive capability which enhances personalisation capability and business performance
  8. Beyond The Big Data Buzzword! Translate big data analytics into real-world value, meaningful insight and business benefit amongst a raft of complex data solutions


PLUS! This Customer Behaviour Analytics Conference Features:

  • 19 Heads & Directors Of Customer Analytics, Customer Experience, Data & Insight Speaking From The Frontline
  • 1 Inspiring Conference Day
  • 8 In-Depth Sessions Focused On Driving Real Commercial Value With Powerful Customer Behaviour Analytics
  • 6 Informal Peer-To-Peer Roundtable Discussions: A) Internet Of Things B) Mobile C) Automation D) Data Protection E) Data Warehouse F) Business Intelligence
  • 2 Interactive Panels: “Customer Behaviours” And “Trends & Technologies”
  • 98% Average Satisfaction Rate (based on related previous conferences)
  • 3 Double Perspectives: “Single Customer View”, “Internal Buy-In” And “Predictive Analysis”
  • Get Practical! Sector Insights In Discussion Groups To Swap Tips & Lessons Learned
  • Co-Chair Format: Shop Direct Group & Thomas Cook Airlines Bring Out The Real Insight & Practical Experiences You Can Take Back To The Business
  • Facilitated Networking Hosts
  • Open Q&A




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